Intuit ProConnect™
Start your year on the right track with exclusive, step-by-step support from Easy Start for Intuit ProSeries. You’re almost ready to access powerful features to help you file returns more quickly and accurately–there are just a few things you need to do first.
Watch welcome video
Quickly and easily transition to ProSeries and understand key steps to get started. You'll get the knowledge and resources you need to help you have a successful tax year.
Set up Intuit My Account profile
Create your personal My Account profile to get access to your ProSeries download, view your account status, change your personal settings and more.
Manage users
Before you begin using your ProSeries software, IRS standards require you to validate each individual user's identity. Learn how to set up your Primary Administrator to manage your software and My Account user access.
Enable security measures
Visit Intuit Account Manager to verify your email, ensure you have a strong password, and enable two-step verification.
Install software
Get a head start on tax season and start familiarizing yourself with ProSeries.

If you purchased the hosted version of ProSeries, you do not need to download the software. You will be receiving a series of emails from with further instructions on how to set up and access your Right Networks hosted ProSeries environment.
Get EFIN and/or PTIN
Obtain your EFIN (e-file identification number) and PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number ) in order to meet IRS compliance guidelines and e-file this season. The sooner you fill out your application, the better, as the approval process can take at least 45 days.
Verify EFIN
Once you have your EFIN, you will need to verify it with Intuit. This IRS-required step is mandatory and helps protect both you and your clients from fraud. We have resources to help you with the process, but you will want to start immediately to avoid any delays in season.
Convert Data
Save time by populating key data from last year’s tax returns into new returns, giving you a helpful starting point for this year.